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Icon Golf Cart Golf Bag Attachment, Easily Removable, No Drilling Required, fits i20 i40 i40L i60 i60L with Grab Bar

Icon Golf Cart Golf Bag Attachment, Easily Removable, No Drilling Required, fits i20 i40 i40L i60 i60L with Grab Bar

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I designed a 3D printed solution for the ICON EV golf carts that don't have a great option for their golf bag attachment. You can either buy their full rear seat replacement , an aftermarket seat replacement, or a heavy metal cumbersome solution that STILL requires bolting/ drilling. I figured there had to be an easier way, and so I set out to create one. Insert the easy strap on/ strap off Icon golf bag holder solution.

3D printed out of durable PETG, it is impact resistant, UV resistant, temperature change resistant, and pretty good looking to boot. The entire assembly weighs under 5lbs. I use an EZ-GO designed part in my assembly, and adapt it to fit your carts grab bar. The adapter is molded to fit snugly on your existing rear grab bar assembly. Simply push down gently, and it will slide on. To secure the golf bag holder assembly to the rear safety grab bar, simply wrap the velcro strap around the bar, and the aluminum rod that connects the adapters will apply ample force to keep your bag holder and golf bags secure.

Look no further for the elusive Icon Rear Golf Bag Holder and coming up with expensive installations, big unwieldy pieces of metal, or back yard hack jobs. This golf bag holder looks neat and is easy to store under the rear seat of your cart when not in use.

In my own testing, I have noticed discrepancies with the icon rear grab bars ranging from 16" - 17.5" wide across the top triangle. I have since modified the design to accomodate up to the largest I have seen (17.75"). This leaves a little room on the edges of the smaller bars, but it still is a very snug fit and does not move at all when the velcro strap is tightened.

When you purchase this listing you will receive : A fully assembled Icon rear grab bar golf bag assembly, ready for use straight out of the box. This assembly consists of (1) new golf bag strap holder that holds two bags, (2) custom made 3D-printed PETG adapters molded to fit your cart, (1) 12" solid aluminum rod that holds the adapters together and also is used to hold the assembly to your bar, (1) Heavy duty velcro strap that goes around your bar, (2) sets of new stainless steel bolts/ nuts that holds the adapters in place.

Thank you for supporting my product by purchasing it through my own website - fees from other marketplaces can make it very difficult for a small business to keep their prices reasonable. 😊 

Please do not hesitate to message me with any questions. Thanks for visiting my shop :)


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Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
Gail and David
Great Icon Golf Bag and Golf Ball Ball Holders

It is difficult to find golf accessories for Icon carts.
Peter’s products are well made and look great. He provides exceptional customer service! We highly recommend Peter Prints 3D!

Works ok

This bag adapter is very very easy to put on and take off. Mine did not fit tight (had an inch of play side to side), however it appears to be secure and the bags have stayed in pretty much place. The only issue I’ve noticed is that my i40 roof extends out over the full length and when you remove and replace clubs they don’t come completely out of the bag before stopping from hitting the roof over head. You can get them
Out with some effort and creativity. It’s mostly the longer clubs like driver and fairway woods/hybrids. Otherwise, it has worked just fine the couple times I’ve used it.

Paul Marquardt
Solid 4 would of been a 5

Just a little tight between rear seat and the strap grab attachment

Mary Battaglia
Perfect Fit

Works great, so easy to install. So far no need for any bottom strap to hold the golf bags in place.

Custom made easy!

Attaches easy and looks great. Thanks!