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MILWAUKEE Jobsite Fan Magnetic Mount System, fits 0886-20, Screws Into Base of Fan, 6 Magnets, 3D Printed Carbon Fiber PETG

MILWAUKEE Jobsite Fan Magnetic Mount System, fits 0886-20, Screws Into Base of Fan, 6 Magnets, 3D Printed Carbon Fiber PETG

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This is a Magnetic Mount system made for the OEM Model No. 0886-20 MILWAUKEE Jobsite Fan. It mounts to the base of the fan, replacing five OEM screws, and uses two locking mechanisms to secure the four 110lb test round and two 70lb test bar neodymium magnets. If you have a large metal surface perfect for slapping your Milwaukee fan on for storage or use, this will work for you. Also works well on metal tool organization systems if you want to keep your fan off your workbench or floor.

Watch the following video to see a full installation video of the product:

Disclaimer: I am not associated with Milwaukee Tools in any way. This is not an OEM tool offering from Milwaukee tools. I am not responsible for damage to your Milwaukee tool - install my product at your own risk. This product may void the manufacturers warranty of your tool.

I was asked to make a magnetic mount for this fan and it turned out to be quite the challenge. I made sure to leave room for the largest possible battery to fit in the battery slot, and my design even gives you an extra 10mm of room before the battery is too large to use the magnetic mount properly. I have only tested this with Standard 18V Milwaukee Batteries. I am sure it can accommodate a larger battery, however.

The plates are 3D Printed with carbon fiber infused PETG completely solid so they're just as tough as the charger itself. On a sturdy flat piece of metal, like the side of your work bench or tool chest, this will be fairly hard to pull off. Be careful with mounting to surfaces where not all the magnets can contact the surface, as well as any ferrous surface that is not perfectly flat. Works best on thick, flat, ferrous metal surfaces.

In this kit you will receive:
1 x 3D Printed Carbon Fiber PETG Lower Mounting Plate
1 x 3D Printed Carbon Fiber PETG Upper Mounting Plate
2 x 3D Printed Carbon Fiber PETG Twist Lock Mechanisms
4 x Round 110lb test Neodymium Magnets
2 x Bar 70lb test Neodymium Magnets
5 x #6 x 1 1/2" Phillips Screws
4 x #6 x 1/4" Phillips Screws
1 x #6 x 1/2" Philips Screw
1 x Round Double Sided Adhesive Tape for Securing OEM Screws inside Magnetic Mount Assy.

Thanks for stopping by, and I'll happily answer any questions you might have.


Materials: Carbon Fiber Infused PETG
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